Launch into your future.


Find out how working with a mindful life coach can transform your life into a whole new path. My work is geared towards launching you towards a more satisfying life from every aspect. Contact me today to get started.


Individual Coaching

There are many directions that life can take for any individual. Let's work together to make your life as fulfilling as it can be. Together we can figure out what the ultimate path is for you.

Couples Coaching

Whether you're coming in on your own or together, working on your romantic relationship is definitely one of the most important tasks in life. When a partnership is strong and full of love, each individual can flourish into their best self and continue to consciously give back to the relationship. Through our sessions together, I can help you find passion and a newfound interest in your partner. We will discuss communication,intimacy, and everything in between. Moving together into the future holds possibilities you may not have even imagined yet! Let me help you get there. 


Family Coaching

The more people in a family, the more dynamic the group can be.  Learning how to most effectively communicate and interact with the members of your family of origin will be the launching point of having healthy relationships everywhere in your life.


My Location

My office is conveniently located North of Downtown Los Angeles in the foothills of Glendale. I am also available for phone or video conferencing sessions to clients in the US around the world.


I'm here to help you take the stress out of figuring out how to live your life to its fullest. My specialty is helping my clients unveil their core self and find what brings happiness to their life. Let me help you create growth and resilience in your mind.

-Becka Fabian